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About Us

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AERAVE GmbH - Air Advance Engineering

We believe that clean air should come as standard, whether you’re on a bus or in the classroom. That’s why our close-knit team of skilled experts are innovators in the design, programming, development, and creation of our cutting-edge UVC air sanitizers. Hailing from diverse backgrounds, our professional team knows the best in what they do!  

Not only do we believe that clean air should be available for all, but we’re dedicated to our research and development of top-of-the-range products that can assist in sanitization. Our values are driven by our desire to set the standard in the industry as well as greater customer satisfaction. 

Based in Willich, Germany, we aim to deliver exceptional service through our products, research innovation, and our partnerships with OEM vendors.

The AERAVE Mission

Our goal is to bring the highest quality air sanitizer products to the current market and keep innovating and testing new technologies for use in products in both Germany and the global market.

We understand that the current demand for reliable air sterilization is high, and we want to meet it. Not only this, but we want to continuously define what this technology can do when it comes to air purification. We’re fully committed to supporting growth and development in Germany through our high-tech specs, hardware, software, and incredible staff.

Through our quality assurance, we aim to lead this market with our products and stand ahead of the competition. We only use the best raw materials and can tailor our clean air products to the specifications of our clients. Get in touch today to discuss your business goals with AERAVE.